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Garage door accessories are necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the garage doors. Many are the accessories needed to have the entire garage door system working optimally and it is important to have all the accessories in good working condition at all times. A malfunction in just one of them is sufficient to render the entire door inoperable, leading to safety concerns as well as a great deal of inconveniences.

At Pop’s Garage Doors, we specialize in offering all kinds of garage door services and we also deal with all kinds of garage door accessories. We have the versatility to replace new ones as well as offer repair and maintenance services to the current ones.

Different Accessories

The following are some of the garage door accessories, and which we have the competency to install, repair and maintain-:

  • The garage door opener – the opener is the soul of the entire garage door mechanism. Without it, operating the garage door can be very hectic and dangerous. We stock, install and repair different kinds of garage door accessories.
  • The door springs-to help the opener open and close the doors, torsion springs are needed. These are the other vital garage door accessories which must operate in the right manner at all times.
  • The cable and tracks – the cable and tracks provide the means of pulling the doors up or down during opening and closing respectively.
  • Sensors – The sensors are vital garage door accessories. They avoid accidents and injuries by preventing the door from closing if there are objects like pets or kids beneath the door at the time of closing.
  • Keypad and the remote control – these are for convenience and they are there to help you access your garage door smoothly and efficiently at all times.
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Garage Doors Openers
Garage Doors Openers
Garage Doors Openers

Contact us if you need any of these accessories or you are interested in any garage door services dealing with them.